• Public Relations

At Crosshairs, we harness the power of publicity to build excitement and add value for the brands we serve. We generate significant ink and airtime in the nation’s top traditional media outlets and drive conversations through social and digital media outlets. With a creative approach and research-driven insights, we execute strategic programs that engage consumers and build equity for the brands. Our job entails managing media relations, media monitoring, conducting media perception audits, research and content support, media training workshops and crisis communications management.

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Social Media

We believe that today’s world calls for public engagement, where companies need to communicate beyond paid and earned media. Our digital influence strategies and public engagement activities enable our clients to actively and meaningfully participate in a connected world, increase trust, strengthen relationships, influence consumer behaviors and foster economic success. From the creation and management of Facebook fan pages to the expansion of one's Twitter following to creating stunning Pinterest presence, we have unparalleled understanding of social media. Our digital and social media capabilities include:

• Digital strategy development
• Online Reputation Management
• Mobile application
• LinkedIn/Facebook/Google+
• Display Ads
• Website design and build
• Blog development and content creation

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• Strategic Counselling

At Crossahairs Communication, we bring the right combination of innovative solutions, sustainable approaches and pragmatic thinking that can make a difference in performance, profitability and operational excellence. We take stock of the clients’ key business goals, understand their target markets and audiences and evaluate the peers and competition to develop a broad and all-encompassing strategy that helps the business reach their full economic potential. We define success with results and we enable you to create structured communications strategies that reach out effectively to your target audience.

Online Reputation Management

Negative results from the searches online can hurt individuals and businesses. Here we employ the tools of online reputation management that helps in making people and businesses look their best on the Internet. And how do we do it? Well, social media audits, competitive analysis, managing social pages, organizing sweepstakes contest, user generated contests, polls, etc, community development, blogger engagements are just some of the things that we employ to make your brand shine brighter than others.

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• Event Management

Whether it is a forum like a TED talk or a glitzy product launch, Crosshairs can manage the entire event, from the stage of conceptualization to execution. For ensuring a great event success, we identify media targets, create content, drive attendance through different digital strategies, provide on-the-day support along with post event evaluations and other follow-ups. We have expertise organizing award ceremonies, celebrity luncheons, collection previews of brands, sales preview, store launches, user conferences and even social events.

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• Crisis Communication

Unforeseen events and unwarranted criticism can threaten a brand’shard-won reputation and even its existence. During the time of a crisis, we take a hyper vigilant approach to take charge of the critical situation. We bring to the table a team of business experts with necessary skills, agility and experience who not only anticipate such challenging situations but also deal with them in real time. Whether it’s a case of defamatory remarks, slander or fallacious reports, team Crosshairs can respond proactively to garner positive traction for your side of the story. We optimise our best resources and take situations in control before they flare up beyond repair.

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• Media Training

We deliver highest quality media training for the public and private sector. The ability to effectively engage the media, is thus a critical skill required for every top management executive. Building and protecting corporate reputation requires consistent and effective communication skills from business leaders. We prepare client teams to effectively engage critical stakeholders, both external and internal. The media skills training involves formulating and articulating key messages, developing Q&As and simulating customized, complex scenarios.

• Blogger Engagement

The digital marketing environment is never complete without the activation of bloggers and online influencers. We reach out to the thriving blogging communities and influencers and other online celebrities who help us create visually compelling, rich content and conversation for our brands. Content written and created by well-known influencers can act as a significant PR boost for brands, generating backlinks, increasing SEO benefits, maximize online visibility, and extending reach on social media platforms.

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